Welcome to the NTPsec Project development blog - a blog about developing and using NTPsec. NTPsec is a secure, hardened, and improved implementation of Network Time Protocol derived from NTP Classic, Dave Mills’s original.

NTPsec, as its name implies, is a more secure NTP. Our goal is to deliver code that can be used with confidence in deployments with the most stringent security, availability, and assurance requirements.

Towards that end, we apply best practices and state-of-the art technology in code auditing, verification, and testing. We begin with the most important best practice: true open-source code review. The NTPsec code is available in our main public git repository One of our goals is to support broader community participation.

You can find the main website for NTPsec at: https://www.ntpsec.org/

You can find the docs for NTPsec at: https://docs.ntpsec.org/