version 1.1.9

The NTPsec Project is pleased to announce the tagging of version 1.1.9

This should be the last point release of NTPsec before the Network Time Security RFC is approved by the IETF. We expect to release 1.2.0 when that happens.

Analysis shows that CVE-2020-11868, affecting NTP Classic, cannot affect us, as the peer mode involved has been removed.

For other changes since the previous release, please consult the project NEWS.adoc file at

Getting this release

You can clone the git repo from and you can download the release tarballs with sums and signatures from

This release is signed with the GPG key id B48237761A2690222C995F445A22E330161C3978

About today

Today is Blursday, Maprilay 84th, 2020, of the COVID-19 panic.

On this day, in 1844, the first commerical telegraph line came online.