"PublicNTP provides unrestricted access to no-cost, highly-accurate time sources for the public good." https://publicntp.org

Part of what makes NTP work as a protocol is shared internet access to accurate time sources. While it’s a fun and useful project to build your own GPS based time server (instructions here), the internet will always need a diverse set of well managed stratum-1 time servers, especially in the developing world. The PublicNTP project works to provide many of those servers.

Earlier this year, I spoke with the leadership team at PublicNTP, and we all enthusiastically admired each other’s projects. The PublicNTP team really loves running time servers, and they have a real drive to do it well.

Last week, the PublicNTP team let us view a draft of a blog post announcing that they are running NTPsec at their new deployment in Johannesburg. They state "After months of internal testing, PublicNTP was confident that NTPsec was entirely up to the challenge of running in the PublicNTP global fleet." https://publicntp.org/blog/posts/touching-bases-with-the-team-african-expansion-and-more.html

We look forward to feedback from the PublicNTP team about their experience running NTPsec in production. Their experience is not going to be perfect, but we are ready to make whatever improvements they need. Because whatever they need, will be needed by other sites running in production and under load.

If you are running NTPsec as a production high-load stratum-1 timeserver, let us know, either by emailing us at contact@ntpsec.org or by joining the Freenode IRC channel #ntpsec.